Mission of the University Centers
As a student-centered organization, University Centers supports the UCSD community with quality facilities, services, and programs that foster and enrich the campus experience and student learning.
-Adopted by the University Centers Advisory Board, May 16, 2011
Values of the University Centers
In accomplishing its mission, the University Centers values:
  • Utilizing student input in determining its policies, facilities, and services through its student-majority, student-chaired advisory board.
  • Supporting student leadership and professional development through student employment.
  • Providing clean, attractive, and well-maintained facilities
  • Fostering a climate that is welcoming to all
  • Creating a safe, supportive environment where students may express their views openly
  • Being accessible and respectful to our customers
  • Assessing the needs of our customers and responding to their concerns and suggestions
  • Operating in a cost-efficient and financially responsible manner
  • Forming partnerships with student organizations, student affairs units, and other UCSD departments
  • Encouraging staff members to be innovative and improve service to customers
  • Encouraging the growth of student employees, leaders, and volunteers
  • Providing a supportive environment where staff members are respectful to one another and recognized for their accomplishments
  • Creating a safe work environment
  • Providing staff the resources to work effectively and improve their skills